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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

Welcome to Johnny Baird Photography. From Northern Ireland I predominantly shoot North and South of the Beautiful Emerald Isle that I call home. My passion is to capture fleeting moments of time that grace our skies and landscapes. Whether it is the sweeping, cloud covered Kingdom of the Mourne Mountains, dramatic sunsets warming the Co. Antrim North Coast, or the ruggedness of the Wild Atlantic Way I hope that you find something that appeals to your own inner Mother Nature.

Ashamedly I admit that I never truly appreciated what was around me, and landscape photography has a way of showing us the beauty around us. It’s very hard now even when I am not out shooting to survey the light on the land, the play of light and shadow in tandem, and geometric shapes and textures in the land. Of course you don’t need to be a photographer to appreciate a stunning sunset, but photography has a way of slowing the pace down while you wait on that premium light. 

I have always had a passion for astronomy prior to starting photography in January 2016, and photographing the night sky has given me an outlet to indulge this passion. A few months after buying my first DSLR camera I accidentally captured the Aurora Borealis at Ballintoy, something I wasn’t aware could be seen or photographed in Northern Ireland! Since then I have become an avid aurora hunter, chasing those Merrie Dancers on many nights and experiencing things I never dreamed of. Astrophotography in Northern Ireland isn’t the easiest of things for many reasons, but I hope you enjoy my night images, including images of the Aurora, Milky Way, nebula and shooting stars.   

Thanks for taking time to view this page. Johnny